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Full Service HOA & Commercial Landscaping
Homepage: Why Strypes

What makes Strypes different?

With an attitude and knowledge unlike any other in the industry, we promise that we can do better.

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Strypes, Inc. uniquely works only for HOA and commercial clients.

-Our job is to make your job easy. We work with board members and property managers to establish and maintain budgets, and make sure those numbers are stuck with.

We leave calling cards after every visit.

-Never question another invoice again. Our calling cards will tell you who was at the property, date, time and service provided. No other company in the industry offers this service!

A team that cares.

-The owner of Strypes, Inc. is always nearby. Whether stopping by for a quality check, or personally mowing, fertilizing or trimming, you can rest easy at all times.

-Our team members go through a rigorous interview and training process, so that they only provide the greatest quality of service for your property.

Budgets, budgets, budgets!

-We are the only landscaping company in the state that will actually keep track of your landscaping budget and make sure the prices that are signed off on are the numbers you are billed.

-While other companies work with anybody that calls, Strypes solely works for HOA managers and commercial properties. This allows us to master our craft, properly address each account, and stay true to our clients. The unique calling cards we leave will inform a site contact the details of each visit. These details include the service provided, date, time, and any additional information needed. No other company in the industry offers this service!

We work uniquely for HOA and commercial clients, and will leave a calling card after every visit.

-While other companies focus primarily on growth, Strypes focuses on  doing the right thing. The owner of Strypes, Inc. takes the time to learn and research how the operations of your company work. This makes it easy and convenient to set up budgets and address the needs and desires of your property.

An Owner that understands.

-Our management team has held many prestigious awards over the years. Several examples are a feature in RTV-6 News "5 Successful Small Businesses," Indy A-list, Johnson County IN Best Places to Work, Angie's List Super Service, etc. 

Recognized and respected achievements.

-When other companies see a fallen tree limb, they will mow around it. Our team sends you photos and a quote to remove it on the spot.

       -In order to be on our team, our employees must have true passion for the green industry. The combined respect and knowledge we all share for one another puts our team at the top of the industry. You will not find another landscaping team out there that has the passion we do.

An eye for extras, a team that cares.

     -While other companies will hire anybody that can mow, we look into each candidate for something more. Our rigorous and unique hiring process will ensure that only somebody with true experience and passion for the industry is doing the work you are paying for.

Our hiring process is unparalleled to anyone else in the industry.

-Strypes, Inc. is a true one stop shop. We cover all aspects of landscaping and snow removal, and also offer handyman services to help with projects around your community or property. Examples are installing signs, painting or powerwashing clubhouses, fence repair, rip rap erosion control, and gutter cleaning.

Full service means full service.

 -The owner of Strypes, Inc. will always be nearby. Whether it is stopping by for a quality check, personally doing your fertilizing, helping trim the grass, or anything else to stay involved, you can rest easy knowing that the owner will always have eyes on your property.

Owner on site.

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Strypes Inc.

We Want to Hear From You

If you would like to see firsthand the difference in your current vendor and a company that truly cares, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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